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"The end" of your gopher problems
Full Service Extermination
  • The most effective pest control device available.

  • Environmentally friendly (organic and chemical free).

  • No poisons or baits (increased safety to children, pets, livestock & 
          unintended wildlife).

  • Instant success (no equipment left behind / rapid kill).

  • Collapses tunnel so other rodents cannot move in (trapping and poison leave tunnel 
          intack for the next rodent, which will move in!!).

  • Will not destroy healthy sod.

  • Concussion is effective and recognized by the Humane Society as a humane 
          method for eradicating burrowing rodents.

1.  Trap and remove target varmint.

2.  Destroy burrow and tunnel system to prevent re-infestation by another gopher.

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Municipal, Schools, Parks & Recreation, Golf Courses, Cemeteries, etc.

                                                             Located in Bluffdale, Utah
                             Serving Salt Lake and Utah Counties, and surrounding areas.
                         (Mileage may be added for distances of 25 miles from home site)